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Are You Considering Bankruptcy?


If you owe creditors more money that you are able to pay, then bankruptcy is certainly an option for you to consider.


 The main objective of our federal bankruptcy laws is to provide you with a release — a discharge — from your debts. For some, that discharge completely wipes away all obligations to pay, as with a Chapter 7 Liquidation. For others, discharge comes with the last payment in a court-approved plan — often at a significant discount  — under a Reorganization through Chapter 11 or Chapter 13.


We Are Your Bankruptcy Law Firm.  Martelle Bratton and Associates is located in Boise, Idaho. Everyday our firm provides unparalleled bankruptcy representation to our clients. Under the leadership of founder and managing partner, Martin Martellle,Esq., our firm helps people get the protection and debt relief they need under federal bankruptcy laws.


With so much at stake — your property, your business, your future — you need a qualified and experienced bankruptcy attorney to match the right chapter to your unique situation.


We can help you resolve your debt problems, giving you a new financial beginning. Martelle Bratton Law Firm provides bankruptcy services and debt elimination under Chapter 7, and Chapter 13 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Each of these chapters represents a type of bankruptcy case, with specific rules and procedures.


Martin Martelle Esq.

Over 30 years of experience is resolving debt and bankruptcy issues.

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Focused: On Debt Resolution

'Based in Boise, Idaho our experienced team of lawyers can give you options to resolve you debt problems.

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Your case will be handle with sensitivity and confidentiality. We understand the stress that debt issues can create.



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Martelle Law and Associates "When we meet with a prospective client, we will objectively analyze all information provided to us to make a fair and accurate determination as to whether bankruptcy is the best option."

- Martin Martelle, Attorney






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